What we believe

About us

Saving lives matters

Mobilaris Group is a world-leading location-based intelligence and decision support solution company based in Sweden and USA. Through our subsidiaries — Mining & Civil Engineering, National Security and Industrial Solutions — we provide state-of-the-art solutions for multiple industries.

We develop our products in close collaboration with our customers, who span just over 20 countries worldwide. We want to help industries and governments work better and faster, and keep people safe—because we believe that Saving Lives Matters.

Our values

A culture of innovation, teamwork and trust

Move fast and make a difference

We believe that trust, teamwork and innovation are fundamental building blocks for moving forward and impacting the world in a positive way. Without trust there can be no teamwork, and without teamwork there is no innovation. Even if we are productive on our own, we are more creative — more innovative — together.


Trust and team work also extends to our clients, customers and partners. And innovation happens both in the process of product development and live, in the daily activities of real world operations. We are always eager to learn and improve, not just our products but the way we think and work.

“Our promise to save lives and help industries and authorities work faster and better is an ambitious one, and we set a high bar for what we consider success. But that is ultimately who we are and the essence of the Mobilaris culture.”


And we believe that Insight™ is key.

Insight™ is key

Teamwork and trust