Emergency Evacuation


Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Emergency Evacuation

In the case of a stressful situation like a fire or a collapse that requires the mine to be evacuated, time is of essence. Rescue personnel and evacuation leaders needs to have the best tools available to secure that the evacuation becomes as fast as possible and according to the defined procedures.

The Evacuation support application is a toolbox that the rescue leader will use to direct the evacuation according to the defined procedures until everyone is saved. The application consists of features such as:

  • Submitting evacuation messages to mine phones (if existing) and keeping real-time control over who has received the messages, who has acknowledged them and who has not received them.
  • Decision support that helps highlighting the individuals that need attention first (such as people that are either unaware about the present danger or that are injured or trapped).
  • Guide rescue personnel in the mine to the people in need an assist them remotely in real-time.
  • Real-time monitoring of all the refuge chambers and keep track of who is where. Counters shows in real time, the filling ratio of the Refuge Chambers and the total of people that are safe as well as unsafe.
  • Control and status of all messages that have been submitted.
  • Keep track of all dangerous areas and list people in real-time that are nearest to the danger.
  • Manage the evacuation according to the defined procedures, storing the time in the evacuation log whenever a certain process step is accomplished for post-analysis in the History Viewer.

Other benefits

Testimonials from Boliden and Skellefteå Emergency Rescue Services

One hour faster makes all the difference when lives are at stake. See how Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ impacts the work of Emergency Rescue services in mines and underground rescue scenarios.

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