Short Interval Control


Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Short Interval Control

By integrating planning data from a planning system like Deswik (or others) into Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ simultaneously as we know where every resource are and what they are doing, massive customer value can be created by closing the loop between planning and reality – going from just monitoring to becoming operational.

Production areas that are behind schedule can automatically be highlighted, allowing the Mine Operation Centre personnel to get alerted and able to fix the problem rapidly.

Machines that has been standing still more than a defined time can get highlighted and focused on.

Using the Mobilaris Operators Client, machine operators gets their planned activities directly as they are created or updated. When the operator starts, pauses or marks an activity as finished, the actuals are sent directly back to the planning system. Hence the personnel at the Mine Operation Centre does not get overloaded by masses of manual work but instead, allowing them to solve or handle the real problems rapidly and smooth.

Other benefits