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Challenge yourself, and make the world a better place

From the very start, we have built a team based on trust, teamwork and innovation. A team where everybody can prosper as individuals by being creative together and make a positive impact on the World of Mobilaris.

The last five years Mobilaris has seen tremendous growth in both revenue and size, and we see this growth accelerating. We are making more authorities and industries work better, and most important, we are saving lives. Together we have laid a solid foundation, and every day we keep learning and improving. Join the World of Mobilaris.

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Introducing team Mobilaris

This is the World of Mobilaris

A world where seeing is knowing. A world where access to data means being able to make better decisions faster. A world where you can predict and avoid undesirable situations. A world where both business and human concerns thrive in parallel.

Jenny Nordström
Global sales

Andreas Ericson
CEO Mobilaris Industrial Solutions

Thomas Åström
Front-end developer

Yinqiu Che

Viktor Linde
Business Developer

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