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Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB (part of Mobilaris Group) offers real-time decision support systems that increase productivity and revolutionize industry safety. By being able to access real-time operational data such as people, machines and equipment  – visualized in 3D – industries can plan according to reality, and make important decisions that prevent accidents and save lives.

Our offer to industries is based on our decision support system Mobilaris Mining Intelligence for mines and tunnels, developed in close cooperation with our customers Boliden and LKAB. Today, we have installations for mines and large tunnels throughout the world, and the step up to additional industrial segments is not big, as many of the industry’s challenges are similar.



Mobilaris decision support system has revolutionized safety through various applications based on real-time information from the operations. By ensuring, for example, that people with the right knowledge and permission work in the right place, and at the same time the ability to establish digital gates that warn people entering dangerous areas or coming too close to machines. In many facilities there are also accidents associated with heavy traffic, traverses or similar, which can also be avoided by the proper warning systems. Incidents that require evacuation can be monitored in real time and rescue personnel have full knowledge of the situation and what action that needs to be prioritized.


Real-time data gives full control of operations and the ability to cut unnecessary time. With Mobilaris systems, complex service work can be streamlined and any downtime may be shortened. Even existing systems and functions (such as sensors, machines, ventilation, etc.) can be integrated and thus will be able to be controlled and monitored within the same user interface.

Mobilaris offers comprehensive solutions both as technical advisor during planning and decision making, technology selection/implementation, and a 24-hour customer support operation. Mobilaris systems are technology-agnostic, which means that different types of infrastructure from different suppliers can be used depending on the application and availability of integration interfaces.

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