Synchronize Planning, dispatching and real-time feedback

Whenever a disturbance is detected in the active shift, it is very important to mitigate the situation and try to save the shift as fast as possible.

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Mobilaris Mining and Civil Engineering

Above ground, we can see a wide expansion of the digitalization and an increase in industrial productivity. Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering™ takes the digitalization underground to mining and tunneling projects. Making them more efficient, safe and sustainable by using real-time information and positioning.

By tracking personnel, equipment, vehicles, machines and presenting this in a 3D map, a lot of low hanging fruit can be solved as the right decisions can be made more often and faster. Be a part of the future of underground industry.

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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

An underground mine is a mixture of dangerous areas, varying infrastructures and people and vehicles in constant movement. A complex reality that can bring face utilization down and safety risks up. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is the complete digital solution for unparalleled efficiency and increased safety in modern mines, step by step becoming the global industry standard.

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Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™

A tunneling project is not an easy one-way street. There are many steps in the tunneling cycle, but only so much time. The always challenging and dangerous environment puts pressure on the workforce safety and health, potentially damaging the productivity. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™ is the next generation of decision support systems for tunneling projects, setting whole new standards for productivity and sustainability.

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