We believe that Seeing is knowing

Allow individuals, in every location of a mine, to take decisions based on real-time information and status.

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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

True digitalization of underground mines with double digit productivity increases

Imagine being the queen of a massive hive. From every corner of the hive, new data is continuously broadcast to you. Every worker, every tool, every task and its progress, and every obstacle and possible danger. You see everything, because you are connected to everything — and everyone. But this is only scratching the surface of what we can do.

Based on our revolutionary core innovation Mobilaris Insight™, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is the complete solution for unparalleled efficiency and increased safety in modern mines and tunneling projects. Used in mines all over the world.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ addresses both
Production Efficiency and Safety initiatives. Here are some benefits:

Making your mine run better

Our approach

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Underground productivity and safety

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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Monitor the whereabouts and safety of workers, contractors and visitors, and optimize resource allocation and efficiency, including faster rescue efforts in the event of an emergency.

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