The Cutting Edge of Underground Productivity and Safety

Experience improved throughput and face utilization combined with game-changing safety within the mining and tunneling industry.

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Introducing Mobilaris Onboard™, a mining revolution with total transparency, for everybody underground. See every object, know every road – every time. Welcome to the future of mining.


Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

The undisputed leading product portfolio for true digitalization of underground mines with double digit productivity increase

Among the features in the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ suite you will find:

  • State-of the art real-time 3D Situational Awareness that based on people/asset tracking and systems integration opens the lid and enables transparency and empowerment for everyone
  • Unique emergency support functions that dramatically increases mining safety
  • Powerful mine automation features such as Ventilation on Demand and Geo-fencing
  • Complete suite for Short Interval Control incl shift-planning and work task dispatch
  • Totally technology agnostic open solutions for mixed fleets
  • Traffic Awareness and Vehicle Navigation solutions minimizing traffic congestions
  • In-shift Production Monitoring features that shows the true real-time status about the shift

Welcome to the future of underground mining!

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Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™

Information-driven Tunnel Development

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™ (MTI) is the next generation of decision support systems for tunneling projects and is setting new standards for productivity and sustainability. MTI includes state-of-the-art technology within real-time positioning, sensor data, dispatch, analytics and much more.

Our solution enables an unprecedented opportunity for tunneling personnel to make the right decisions faster than ever under normal operations, as well as during emergency situations. Just by using a web browser, any personnel with the appropriate access rights can use the very intuitive real-time 3D visualization of the tunnel.

Be a part of the next generation of tunneling!

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