Improvements by Analytics


Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Improvements by Analytics

The core of any decision support system is data. How to get it, how to process it and how to use it back into the process at hand. MMI is designed to use data in all parts of the application. Every piece of data  that pass through our system is analyzed and put into a context relevant for the mine. We visualize the result on different levels in both KPI measures and reports.

  •  Location statistics and analysis
  •  statistics on machine utilization
  •  traffic analysis
  •  benchmarking of evacuation drills
  •  scheduling efficiency
  •  and most important of all, face utilization

Our face utilization model enables you to continuously monitor the face utilization outcome and track productivity in the most meaningful measure of all: how large portion of your production capability that is being put to use at the mine face.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ addresses both
Production Efficiency and Safety initiatives. Here are some benefits:

  • bell
    Real-time Situational Awareness

    Fix those low hanging fruits that just waste time and lowers face utilization.

  • fan
    Ventilation On Demand

    We let the presence of machines control the ventilation which is very fast to setup remotely.

  • computer
    Short Interval Control

    From just being monitoring to become operational and able to replan during a shift.

  • bell
    Emergency Evacuation

    Save lives by shorten the time to evacuate the mine in the case of an emergency.

  • forklift
    Optimized Machine Utilization

    Analyze integrated machine data vs plan to optimize your machine utilzation.

  • symbols
    Mass Localization

    Another low hanging fruit that locates equipment in a very cost-efficient way.

  • traffic-light
    Traffic Awareness

    Minimizing traffic congestions and make your transports smooth and safe

  • graph
    Improvements by Analytics

    Enables you to continuously monitor the face utilization outcome and track productivity.