Mobilaris Operator Client™

True digitalization of the mine goes all the way down to the workers themselves. With the Mobilaris Operator Client™, the miners are updated with task information and can report their status in real time.

Whether you plan activities in detail beforehand or let the operators pick available tasks, Mobilaris Operator Client™ is your choice. With seamless integration towards Mobilaris Scheduler™ and virtually any planning tool through our API (for example, Deswik.OPS), everyone from MOC operators to shift supervisors can get an up-to-date status of ongoing activities.

The miner will start his activity and report actuals as the work progresses. In case of a delay, such as machine failure or simply lunchtime, the operator can easily report this in a pre-configured event-tree.

Knowing is half the battle. With the Notes feature, the operator can get instant information on the machine status or the task. Via Mobilaris Operator Client™ the operator knows what is going on and can, himself, write notes to pass knowledge on to the next shift or anyone else.

With Mobilaris Operator Client™, checklists can be handled digitally and deviations can be reported directly with a delay code or as a written message.

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