Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™

Closing the loop between planning and reality

The Mobilaris Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™ solution is a one-stop shop for task management, consisting of four building blocks:

  • Mobilaris Scheduler™ – allowing easy shift planning as well as graphical representation of the actual status vs. the plan.
  • Mobilaris Operator Client™ – allowing efficient dispatch of planned workorders to operators as well as the possibility for operator feedback (actuals, delay codes, messages, etc.).
  • Mixed fleet machine data integration – allowing accurate feedback from machines that enables real-time analytics and in-shift production monitoring.
  • Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ – allowing a 3D real-time view of the underground mine with whereabouts of machines, vehicles and people. View and act on the real-time status of workplaces, stopes, etc. By this outstanding visualization, supervisors will easily detect anomalies such as; Why isn’t that machine in the production area? Why is that task behind plan? And where is the closest replacement rig?

Altogether, the P&S solution from Mobilaris allows mining supervisors to plan and manage tasks throughout a single shift more efficiently, going from just monitoring to becoming operational by real-time feedback on completed work, or as we usually say – closing the loop between planning and reality.

The Mobilaris P&S solution also works with other shift planning tools like Deswik and Micromine.

Machine Data Integration

Although work task and actuals reporting can be done manually by the operators using Mobilaris Operator Client™ or by calling in the progress to the control room where control room operators enter the actuals directly into Mobilaris Scheduler™, the advantages with automatic reporting directly from machines/equipment are numerous. Not only the production data gets reported faster and more accurately, but also other valuable information can be shared, such as maintenance data, machine data and alarms.Due to the excellent integration capabilities of the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ platform, mixed fleet management is now a reality. Whether the mixed fleet machine data comes directly from machines, via the OEM´s central servers or via retrofitted telematics solutions, Mobilaris becomes a true OEM-agnostic fleet manager.

From a production perspective, the advantages with mixed fleet machine data integration are huge. Suddenly, you get valuable insight into how machines are operated compared to plan. Important production-related and machine utilization KPIs can be obtained to support operations improvements. Moreover, by analyzing how the machines are operated in different areas of the mine, better planning templates can be obtained.

From an equipment maintenance perspective, maintenance data gives valuable insights into machine health and operational status, which will ultimately increase machine availability and utilization.

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