Mobilaris Scheduler™

Mobilaris Scheduler™ is a powerful, yet easy-to-use short-term planning and scheduling tool that is seamlessly integrated with the Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ solution.

Before planning shifts, resources such as workplaces, machinery, equipment and operators that are defined in Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ are imported into Mobilaris Scheduler™. Configuration of multiple actuals that can be used when setting up a plan or when reporting task progress is also supported. Configurable templates containing any number of activities can be defined to support repetitive tasks, for example, setting up a production cycle. Additionally, Mobilaris Scheduler™ supports definition of hierarchical delay codes that operators can use in Mobilaris Operator Client™ to report delays such as unplanned maintenance and mining delays.

Shift plans are easily defined by planners in a graphical Gantt chart. The shift schedule can be viewed in both an equipment and workplace view. Shift structures can be configured and with different start time and duration, for example, Day Shift, Night Shift, etc.

During the shift, live reported actuals such as actual start/stop times and actual work progress (either automatically from equipment, manually from the operators using Mobilaris Operator Client™ or manually from the control room operator using Mobilaris Scheduler™) can also be visualized together with the plan.

Latest status of all workplaces and equipment is clearly visualized and allows shift supervisors and control room operators to monitor deviations from the plan.
The Mobilaris Scheduler™ solution also allows users to add comments about workplaces, equipment, shifts or activities which are readable for all other users including equipment operators using Mobilaris Operator Client™. Additionally, alerts can be configured to notify users as soon as a delay is reported or if an activity has not been started in time.

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