Mobilaris Situational Awareness™

Are you aware?

  • Superior real-time 3D visualization, both in control rooms on the surface using Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ and underground using Mobilaris Onboard™ or Pocket Mine™. Everybody everywhere knows what is going on down below.
  • Our unique technology-agnostic approach allows real-time location, tracking and monitoring of vehicles, personnel and equipment using a mixture of technologies (LTE, WiFi, UWB, RFID and other proprietary technologies) from various vendors.
  • As Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is a superb integration engine, information from various systems or sensors can be visible on the same screen and tailored for each mine.
  • A multitude of faceplates visualizing the status of workplaces, stopes, etc. makes production status visible at your fingertips.




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Combine technologies to track people, machines, vehicles and assets.

Mobilaris PocketMine™

Allow every miner to have all asset information in real-time.

Ventilation on Demand

Let the power of machines control the ventilation.

History Viewer

Analyze shifts, workflows and transports back in time.

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