We Believe That Saving Lives Matters

The World is infinitely complex. Conflicts, natural disasters and crime are just some of the things that can disrupt society.

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Keep people safe

The right information, the right time & the right location

From disaster management to major event scenarios, Mobilaris National Security provides highly effective means to maintain order and keep people safe. We have a proven track record with products developed and refined together with our customers over the last 20 years.

We have a complete solution infrastructure, a global reach and a proven track record with products developed and refined together with our customers and partners over the last 20 years.

We know Public Safety & National Security. We understand your challenges and how to solve them. We know what is possible today and what will be tomorrow. We know this because we are building the technology that will take us there.

About Us

Mobilaris CIWS™

Authorities are responsible for taking all possible measures to warn and inform citizens of dangerous conditions, as well as letting people know what to do and where to go. Mobilaris CIWSTM registers every single phone to proactively monitor their movements.

Community information and warning system. Mobilaris CIWSTM is
the best way to maintain order and keep people safe.

  • person-location
    Monitor locations

    Proactively monitor the location of every phone in the country.

  • map-2
    Monitor, track and react

    Monitor, track and react based on heatmaps and geofences.

  • smartphone-map
    For intelligent and proactive crowd

    10 000 geographically controlled text messages per second.

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    Generate detailed incident reports

    Incident reports gives you more knowledge on how to prevent future dangerous scenarios.

Use data and machine learning to fight and prevent crime

Almost everyone has a cellphone. This means that you can track where people are and trace where they have been—and with enough data, project where they are likely to go next.

Over time, as a wealth of historical data is accumulated, predictions about group and individual behavior in response to certain conditions can be made, and used to help manage dangerous situations in the best way possible.

Massive-scale Monitoring and Reach for Public Safety

Mobilaris Community Information & Warning System

Mobilaris Community Information & Warning System is a solid public safety solution that saves countless lives every year all over the world—proven under the most extreme crowd conditions on Earth. The right information when you need it, and the means to instantly notify large geographically determined subsets of the population of impending danger.

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Cellular Intelligence and Big Data for National Security

Eunomia™—National Security & Law Enforcement

Mobile phones are at the core of almost every crime and act of terror. Eunomia 5 is a tracking and behavioral pattern analysis tool engineered to detect and help combat criminal and terrorist activity through mass location, cellular data interception, machine learning and historical location and call behavior data analysis.

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