National Security

Introducing Mobilaris Eunomia™ 5

Mobile phones are at the core of almost every crime or act of terrorism

As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for government agencies, consistent with local laws, to leverage mobile phone intelligence in order to fight crime, counter terror, secure borders, protect critical infrastructure, and keep citizens safe.

Mobilaris Eunomia™ is a tracking and behavioral pattern analysis tool engineered to detect and combat criminal and terrorist activity through mass location, cellular data interception, machine learning and historical data analysis.



Advanced cellular intelligence support solution
for National Security & Law Enforcement.

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Targets can be witnesses, not just suspects

Even if an operation doesn’t result in a definite suspect, Eunomia provides invaluable actionable intelligence that law enforcement and national security agencies can work with to get there faster.

Using whitelists and other tools available depending on what input data Eunomia™ can access, searches can be even more precise, speeding up investigations even more.


Big Data & incident prevention

With enough historical data collected over time, predictive measures can be extrapolated using machine learning and artificial intelligence, so that certain patterns of cellular activity — not just position and movement, but how phones are being used — can be recognized as suspect and flagged for human review.